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We also provide custom fabrication of hydraulic steel tubing, hydraulic hose and industrial hose assemblies using a wide variety of hose types and fittings configurations.

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Work Sections All Have #8 SAE ORB (3/4 - 16 THD) Ports, Load Check and Standard Level Handle

Work Sections
Part Number Spool Type and Action Port Size
SVW1AA1 3-Way Single Acting w/Spring Center #8 SAE ORB
SVW1BA1 4-Way Double Acting w/Spring Center (Work Ports Blocked in Neutral) #8 SAE ORB
SVW1BB1 4-Way Double Acting w/3 Position Detent (Work Ports Blocked in Neutral) #8 SAE ORB
SVW1CA1 4-Way Motor Spool w/Spring Center (Work Ports Open to Tank in Neutral) #8 SAE ORB
SVW1CB1 4-Way Motor Spool w/3 Position Detent (Work Ports Open to Tank in Neutral) #8 SAE ORB
SVW1DD1 4-Way 4 Position Float w/Spring Center and Float Detent #8 SAE ORB
SVL1CA1 4-Way Spool w/Spring Center (with Pilot Operated Checks on Both Work Ports) #8 SAE ORB
SVM1ES1 4-Way Meter Spool w/Spring Center (Work Ports Blocked in Neutral) #8 SAE ORB

Standard Features

  • 1-10 Sections Per Valve Bank
  • Differential Poppet Style Relief, Adjustable from 1500 to 3000 psi (Also available in Low Pressure Adjustable from 500 to 1500 psi)
  • Load Checks On Each Section
  • Hard Chrome Plated Spools Version
  • Compact Construction
  • Power Beyond Capability
  • Enhanced Metering Section Available in both the High and Low Sections
  • Reversible Handle
  • Mid-Inlet and Lock Valve Section available
  • Flow Control Inlet


Parallel or Series Circuit Construction

  • Pressure Rating
  • Maximum Operating Pressure - 3000 psi
  • Maximum Tank Pressure - 500
  • Nominal Flow Rating - 12 GPM
  • Refer to Pressure Drop Curves.
  • Maximum Operating Temp. - 180 degrees F
  • Foot Mounting Weight Per Section
  • Inlet Section - Approx 3.75 Ibs
  • Outlet Section - Approx 3.75 Ibs.
  • Work Section (Standard) - Approx 5.50 Ibs.
  • Work Section (High) - Approx 8.00 Ibs.

Filtration: Fluid cleanliness should meet the ISO 4406 17/14 level. As a minimum, 10 micron filtration is recommended.

See PDF for complete specifications

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