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Standard Gerotor Motor - Low Speed - High Torque

Wolverine Series Gerotor Motor-Low Speed-High Torque
Part Number Displacement Max PSI Max RPM Weight
CMM50-4RP 3.0 2200 1000 12.8
CMM100-4RP 6.1 2000 750 13.4
CMM200-4RP 12.2 1800 400 14.5
CMM300-4RP 17.9 1600 250 15.5
CMM400-4RP 24.4 1300 160 16.7


Use the CMM Series for light to medium duty applications such as grain augers and elevators, salt and sand spreaders, car wash and sweeper brushes, conveyors, winches, scissor lifts, and many others. To assure optimum motor life, run motor for approximately one hour at 30% of rated pressure before application of full load.


  • High-torque, low speed with gerotor
  • Instantly reversible by reversing the flow
  • Cross-over for many popular models in the market
  • 1.0" keyed shaft
  • 4 Bolt flange
  • 1/2 NPTF ports

It is not recommended to operate at a condition requiring both maximum torque and speed. Intermittent operation is 10% of any minute. Normal operating temperature 80 degrees F to 140 degrees F, max temperature 185 degrees F. Max inlet pressure 2500 psi for motors in series. Max back pressure 1000 psi. For use with mineral based hydraulic fluid 100-200 SUS @ operating PSI. Maximum axial thrust load on shaft 1000 lbs. Oil filtration 10 micron on fine, oil cleanliness per ISO code level 17/14.

See PDF for complete specifications

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